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Diet Coke is getting a makeover (and flavors like ‘Feisty Cherry’) and there are a lot of opinions on the matter

By in Press Enterprise on January 11, 2018

By Shannon O'Connor

In case you didn’t hear, Coca-Cola announced it was launching new Diet Coke flavors and giving the the classic Diet Coke a makeover.

The new flavors are Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange and Fiesty Cherry. Don’t worry, the original Diet Coke is still available – it’s just going to look different.

The new, thinner can and new flavors will hit store’s in mid-January.

With the massive popularity of Diet Coke, the announcement summoned a lot questions, reactions and downright hilarious comparisons.

Here are some of the Internet’s best jokes on the revamp:

You can’t fool me new Diet Coke

— Dan LaMorte (@DanLaMorte) January 10, 2018

Diet Coke be like:

— Apogee McGee (@hume_g) January 10, 2018

Also: Diet Cherry Coke is already a thing. Is “feisty cherry” the same thing only more aggressive? I started this day with no Diet Coke questions and now I have so many Diet Coke questions.

— Kate Elizabeth Queram (@katequeram) January 10, 2018

The new Diet Coke be like “It’s Morphin’ Time!!!!”

— Patrick Scott Patterson (@OriginalPSP) January 10, 2018

To appeal to a younger consumer the Diet Coke can will be redesigned. It will look like an iPhone & a new model will come out each year.

— Charles Lake (@mesealake) January 10, 2018

If Diet Coke really wants to appeal to millennials, it should come out with flavors like “Can’t even sugar right now”, “Safe Space – One Calorie”, and “Literally Diet Coke”.

— Colonel Liana Kerzner (@redlianak) January 10, 2018

Bud Light’s Lime-A-Rita even got in on the action and threw a little shade.

We’re so excited to welcome Diet Coke to the […]    

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