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Democrats’ year of living angrily

By in Press Enterprise on December 31, 2017

By Carl M. Cannon

Some 1.5 million Americans will see the New Year behind bars, so it’s hardly a travesty of justice that Katherine Rogers, a 62-year-old first-time offender from New Hampshire, got probation last week for misdemeanor assault.

On the other hand, Rogers certainly knows the law: She’s a former local prosecutor and six-term Democratic member of the state legislature. Adding to the incongruity, earlier in 2017 she was named “Humane Legislator of the Year” for her efforts at curbing cruelty to animals.

Rogers’ empathy doesn’t extend all the way to conservatives, however. During a recount after the 2016 election, she was sitting next to a Republican observer named Susan Olsen, a conservative activist known for her staunch support for the Second Amendment. When Olsen asked if the ballots could be moved closer, Rogers punched her in the head.

Olsen believes Rogers was trying to provoke a physical response, to discredit the gun rights movement and disrupt the recount. Judge Kristin Spath wasn’t so sure. She seemed to think Rogers just lost it. Spath accepted a guilty plea, but sentenced the defendant to probation, provided she abides by the law for a year and attends anger management classes in the next 90 days.

What could be a better symbol of the year in politics than Democrats lashing out in blind anger over how events unfolded electorally in 2017? It began before Donald Trump’s inauguration, and continued unabated for 12 months.

January: The Women’s March on Washington was highlighted by pop singer Madonna dropping several “f-bombs” and telling the crowd: “Yes, I’m angry. … Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House!”

When it was her turn at the microphone, actress Ashley Judd compared Trump to Hitler, accused the president of harboring sexual fantasies about his daughter, and compared menstruation (favorably) to Trump’s “thinning hair.”


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