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Cyber Monday was humming and some of the deals were unusual, to say the least

By in Press Enterprise on November 28, 2017

By Kevin Smith

Millions of Americans jumped online during Cyber Monday in search of deep discounts on clothing, electronics, beauty products and virtually everything in between.

And despite the leakage that has occurred from online retailers posting pre-Black Friday sales and other holiday specials, this year’s Cyber Monday is shaping up to be the biggest internet shopping day in U.S. history. All told, it’s expected to generate $6.6 billion in sales, up from $5.6 billion a year ago, according to Adobe Analytics.

By 1:30 p.m. Monday, online sales had already reached $3.38 billion — a 16.8 percent increase over the same time last year.

A different holiday message

And amid all of that shopping some of the deals were … well, unusual to say the least.

Consider this: A new Xmas Sparkle Pullover sweater from Britney Spears came emblazoned with the not-so-traditional holiday message, “It’s Xmas, Bitch.” And not to be outdone, rapper Young Dolph released a bulletproof flack jacket on his merchandise site after recovering from being shot earlier this year. Priced at $85, it’s described as “durable and functional, making it the best vest for out in the field.” Exactly what field he’s referring to is anyone’s guess.

The heavyweight polyester vest is equipped with front and back internal sleeves that can accommodate soft-armor and plates. The Molle bullet-proof plates are sold separately.

Amazon was offering a RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light for $21.95. The sensor includes a motion-activated nightlight that can emit your favorite rainbow shade or a smooth color-transitioning mode that changes from one hue to another.

Insult bandages?

On the medical side, Amazon was selling a box of 15 assorted Shakespearean Insult Bandages for just $9.99. The high-brow put downs range from “Thy wit’s as thick as Tewksbury mustard” to “Do thou amend my face, and I’ll amend my […]    

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