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Bonsignore: Rams winning with newfound poise, maturity

By in Press Enterprise on November 6, 2017

By Vincent Bonsignore

EAST RUTHERFORD NJ – The Rams’ pummeling of the Giants was nearly complete Sunday when Jared Goff started spreading a message to teammates.

On the verge of completing a 3-0 sweep of games in far-away Jacksonville, London and New Jersey, the Rams had done more than just set themselves up beautifully for a second-half playoff run.

Sitting at 6-2 – and as they would discover just a few hours later, alone atop the NFC West standings – the Rams had answered questions, quelled concerns, turned skepticism into belief and altered a long-standing national narrative.

If not one that permeated their own building.

It’s a hell of a thing, turning around a franchise-wide mentality of losing and fear and a lack of confidence and composure. It can take years, if it ever happens at all.

But as Goff walked the sidelines at MetLife Stadium with the Rams on the brink of going 6-2 for the first time since 2001 and positioned to end a 13-year run of non-winning seasons, what he saw was a team, coaching staff and franchise for which something dramatic finally clicked.

One that’s well equipped to meet challenges, be it on the personnel or coaching level. And physically and mentally strong enough to keep forging ahead to a bright, exciting future,.

“We are a mature team. I think we have a lot of maturity,” Goff recalled talking to teammates about Sunday. “Although we are young, we do have some veterans that lead us really well. We are mature for being as young as we are. We are able to handle that stuff really well. It’s a testament to the coaches and the training staff. Everyone that puts that plan together, how we’re going to eat and all that stuff that goes into it. It’s been awesome.”

It would be easy to simply point to the […]    

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