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Bonsignore: Rams weren’t ready for all that happened when the Coliseum lights came on

By in Press Enterprise on January 7, 2018

By Vincent Bonsignore

LOS ANGELES — It was bound to get weird. That much was a given.

A Saturday night in Los Angeles. The sun long set over the Pacific Ocean. A dark, cloudless sky ominously hovering above to create a sinister, menacing atmosphere.

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Snoop Dogg in the house. Larry David chilling in an VIP tent. A cameo appearance by Tone Loc, of all people.

The Rams playing their first playoff game in Los Angeles since 1979. A nervous packed house at the Coliseum.

L.A. after dark, y’all. Yeah, it was bound to get weird. And it didn’t take long before the bizarreness began to unfold.

Or for the Rams to figure out it was going to take more than the electric atmosphere provided by the biggest and most engaged crowd of the season and all those trips down memory lane, as one former L.A. Rams great after another was paraded onto the field, to overcome all the weirdness.

Not to mention the experienced opponent standing proudly across from them in the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

When the sun went down and the bright lights turned on and curtain lifted and the strangeness commenced the Rams, well, were nowhere to be found.

Not in the way we grew used to in the remarkable […]    

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