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Bonsignore: Rams have some vulnerable spots exposed in loss at Minnesota

By in Press Enterprise on November 20, 2017

By Vincent Bonsignore

No sooner had the Rams lost to the Vikings on Sunday when they already started talking about a possible rematch.

It’s totally within the realm of possibility, of course. In fact, as things stand today there’s a good chance the Vikings would host the Rams in the second round of the NFC playoffs. With six games remaining — including Sunday at home against the Saints, road trips to Arizona, Seattle and Tennessee and the Eagles and 49ers at the Coliseum, the Rams should be fine for a postseason berth by going 3-3.

From where we sit today, that looks doable.

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Still, a lot of work remains if the Rams hope to flip the script against Minnesota, should a postseason rematch comes to fruition.

Of the Rams’ three losses this year, Sunday’s to the Vikings is the one that looked most like a loss against a better team.

That might not be the case on a week-to-week basis but, at the very least, the Vikings are just as good as the Rams and they were clearly the superior team on Sunday.

“It’s one game and now we have an opportunity to look at ourselves and see what we can do to respond,” said Rams coach Sean McVay. “So far this year when we have faced that adversity, I love the way our team and our coaching staff has responded.”

Nevertheless, here are some issues the Rams need to focus on down the stretch:


It’s pretty much been glossed over given the way the Rams offense was waylaying people prior to Sunday, but the run defense has been erratic for some time. It hasn’t been a big issue, especially with the way opponents had […]    

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