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Bonsignore: Jared Goff remembers Richard Sherman’s knockout blow

By in Press Enterprise on October 7, 2017

By Vincent Bonsignore

As much as Jared Goff would like to forget that bitterly cold night last December and how Richard Sherman punished him along the Rams sideline to send him tumbling out of bounds and out of the Rams Thursday night game against the Seahawks with a concussion, he can’t.

“Yeah, I remember it,” Goff said.

Maybe that’s a good thing. For everyone.

In some ways, the knockout blow Sherman delivered to Goff last year came to define everything Jeff Fisher did wrong in handling Goff’s rookie season. And how incredibly short the stubborn coach fell in creating the protective, supportive environment even a veteran quarterback needs to survive.

Let alone a first-year quarterback the Rams invested six draft picks into acquiring and one they were banking on becoming the face of their franchise.

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Looking back now, nearly a full year later, with Goff developing into one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL and the Rams emerging as legitimate contender, it’s incredible to think how far they’ve traveled since last December and how astutely new head coach Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead have constructed the safe surroundings from which Goff now operates.

Amazing what happens when stubbornness and mulishness and staleness is replaced by creativity and open-mindedness and vibrancy.

The latter of which McVay and his staff have injected in abundance in the way the Rams now build their roster, teach, develop, game plan and game manage.

Goff was never more alone or exposed than he was when he spun out of the pocket to escape the three Seattle pass rushers who immediately penetrated the Rams offensive line last December. Or how he vainly looked up field for open receivers – there were none – before taking off running down the sideline.

Abandoned. Forlorn. […]    

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