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‘Black Mirror’s’ Season 4 coming Dec. 29, and ‘Twilight Zone’ getting a Jordan Peele reboot

By in Press Enterprise on December 7, 2017

By Rob Lowman

As it released a new official trailer for the series and we were discussing binge watching new season episodes, Netflix announced on Wednesday that it would be launching Season 4 of “Black Mirror” on Dec. 29.

It’s just in time to which you a Happy New Year with one of the best series on television.

Interestingly, also on Wednesday CBS All Access, the CBS Television Network’s digital subscription live streaming service, announced a reboot of “The Twilight Zone,” one of the series that “Black Mirror” is often compared to.

“The Twilight Zone” series will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Production. Peele is having a big year, with his directorial debut, “Get Out,” a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination.

“Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences,” said the actor-producer-director in a statement.

Even so, the Emmy-winning anthology “Black Mirror” created by Charlie Brooker has reintroduced that twilight-zone uneasiness to Netflix audiences and produced some formidable television in the process.

While the “TZ” may deal with the present, “Black Mirror” explores the crazy funhouse of the near-future, where technology has warped reality and created a disorienting anxiety. Though that may sound bleak, the series can be colorful, even lyrical and funny. You just never know what you’re getting, and even when you might the series excels in upending expectations about how you get there.

While each season has had stellar episodes, Season 4 is the best to date. In Part I of this story, we looked at three of the six episodes. Here’s a look at the other three.


Directed by Jodie Foster and written by Brooker, the story involves a single mother […]    

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