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Basketball fans share jokes, worries for LaMelo Ball after news breaks that he’s leaving high school

By in Press Enterprise on October 3, 2017

By Shannon O'Connor

LaVar Ball said he is pulling his youngest son, LaMelo, a junior at Chino Hills High School, out of school and will home-school him for the next two years.

Shortly after Ball’s decision hit the internet, many were quick to react with a joke, past remarks from LaVar and more.

Hello class and welcome to Big Baller Biology I’m your teacher, LaVar Ball!

— Kofie Y. (@KofieYeboah) October 3, 2017

“LaMelo is not going to be at school tomorrow with his Lamborghini parked in front.” — LaVar Ball says LaMelo will now be home schooled.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) October 2, 2017

LaMelo Ball got the life man. Lambo, own shoe, and his dad just pulled him out of his junior year of HS!!!

— 🕴 (@supreme_swavey) October 2, 2017

Methinks LaVar Ball just needs to LaMelo out. The kid’s going to be on Dr. Phil someday soon.

— LisetteInBlue (@bookgirl8) October 3, 2017

Can you imagine the difficult homework LaMelo will have?😉

— Ron Willis (@trofan) October 3, 2017

Remember when LaVar Ball said, “As soon as my last son graduates, Chino Hills will go from sugar to (expletive).”

— Fred J. Robledo (@SGVNSports) October 2, 2017


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