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Alexander: Months after breakup, Chargers are finally moving out

By in Press Enterprise on June 14, 2017

By Jim Alexander

SAN DIEGO — The weirdest half-year in Chargers history comes to an end here Thursday.

For the past six months, the team has figuratively had one foot in greater L.A., where the business side of the franchise is establishing itself, and the other foot in San Diego, where the football operations side has continued to use the Chargers Park training facility for its offseason preparation.

That ends when the club’s three-day mandatory minicamp concludes Thursday. But it has created the bizarre sight of San Diego TV stations continuing to send crews to Chargers functions, treating someone else’s team as their own even as many of their viewers have washed their hands of the team and of the NFL, period.

The moving trucks lined up in front of Chargers Park might provide a hint of how the locals still feel. Aside from the one at the head of the line, which bore the legend “Buy or sell with Finch Realty & we’ll move you for free,” the rest were plain white trucks.

That suggests a well-publicized boycott by San Diego moving companies, who vowed not to help the team relocate, remains in effect.

Who knows? Maybe A.G. Spanos, the Chargers’ president of business operations, went to Craigslist to round up enough movers for the trek to Costa Mesa and the team’s new headquarters.

The Chargers’ extended stay in their former home is actually not unprecedented, nor even that extreme. When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, they practiced the entire season in Oakland and flew south for home games. When they moved back to Oakland in 1995 they reversed the procedure, practicing all season in El Segundo.

Still, the strangeness of this awkwardly prolonged breakup has been felt most keenly by those who have […]    

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