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Al Gore’s dark past is an inconvenient truth

By in Press Enterprise on November 23, 2017

By John Phillips

It seems like every time you open the morning paper, more powerful men are being accused of groping, raping and generally treating their female colleagues in inappropriate and degrading ways.

But it’s not just the political, corporate and entertainment titans of today who are being called out; many sins of the past are being re-examined in the context of our new sensitivities regarding gender relations.

You don’t have to look any farther than the pages of the New York Times or the airwaves of MSNBC to hear liberal voices openly opining that they blew it in the 1990s by not calling on former President Bill Clinton to step down after he admitted to an ongoing sexual relationship with a much younger intern.

Not to mention the rape allegations brought up by Juanita Broderick.

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Some on the left are even suggesting that we reexamine the way we look at former President John F. Kennedy, in light of new information regarding how he treated female employees in the White House.

However, one prominent name has managed to stay off of our radar, and I don’t know why. I am, of course, speaking of former Vice President Al Gore.

Back in October of […]    

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