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After years of suffering, Rodger Saffold is basking in the Rams winning

By in Press Enterprise on November 18, 2017

By Vincent Bonsignore

From his middle locker in the center of the Rams locker room, Rodger Saffold offered an appreciative smile as the roar of laughter and chatter echoed from one end of the room to the other.

The eight-year veteran is the Rams longest-tenured player, which just means he’s endured nine more losses than Robert Quinn, who joined him in 2011. The Rams have done a lot of losing during Saffold’s time, way more than any player should be subjected to. And in his previous seven seasons with the club, the month of November usually meant the official end of whatever hollow playoff aspirations the Rams began the season with or the imminent demise of the vain hopes they still clung to.

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So no one appreciates the shocking surprise the Rams are presently pulling off more than Saffold, who, as bad as things were, still trudged to work every day over the years with admirable optimism even while season after season went down in flames.

In spite of it all, Saffold woke up every morning believing today was the day things would finally turnaround. In retrospect it probably would have been easier to just accept things for what they were, if nothing else to save Saffold the mental anguish. Then again, the cherish he’s experiencing right now might not be as poignant and powerful had run from the agony rather than embraced it.

And yeah, Saffold is cherishing every last part of the 7-2 record the Rams take to Minnesota against the Vikings on Sunday and their first-place status in the NFC West and the way they’ve unleashed a machine-like offense […]    

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