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Women Dressed As Handmaids Descend On Ohio Statehouse To Protest Anti-Abortion Law

By in Huffington Post on June 13, 2017

By Catherine Pearson

Women wearing long red cloaks and white bonnets have become an increasingly common sight in government buildings around the country in recent months.

The latest state to see a protest inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian feminist classic The Handmaid’s Tale is Ohio.

On Tuesday, women filed into the statehouse on Tuesday to protest Senate Bill 145, a proposed ban on the most common method for second-trimester abortions.

SB 145 will ban the most commonly used abortion procedure in the 2nd trimester. #OHHandmaids are here to show the impact of abortion bans

— NARAL ProChoice Ohio (@ProChoiceOH) June 13, 2017

The #OhioHandmaids are awaiting the next hearing to restrict their rights.

— NARAL ProChoice Ohio (@ProChoiceOH) June 13, 2017

Just another day at the Statehouse.

— (((Michael Premo))) (@MichaelTPremo) June 13, 2017

The #OhioHandmaids are in the Ohio Statehouse to protest to #StopTheBans on abortion rights.

— NARAL ProChoice Ohio (@ProChoiceOH) June 13, 2017

Photos of the protestors posted to social media by groups like NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio on Tuesday show the women walking through the Statehouse in pairs, much like handmaids in Atwood’s novel (and the much-acclaimed Hulu adaptation). The images showed them with their eyes downcast as they waited for the first hearing on the bill to commence.

Dilation and evacuation, or “D&E,” is a safe method for second-trimester abortions. The Guttmacher Institute has said that banning the procedure disproportionately affects women who are already at a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining timely abortion care.

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