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Will Unmarried Women Swing The Georgia 6th Special Election?

By in Huffington Post on June 19, 2017

By Page Gardner

On Tuesday June 20th, Georgians will vote in one of the most closely watched special elections in history. The choice is not just between two individuals – it is between two fundamentally different policy approaches that will have major impacts on Americans’ lives.

Young people need quality public education. Recent college grads want to land well-paying jobs while not burdened with crushing student debt. Parents need to be able to care for their newborns or sick children without fear of losing wages or their jobs. Jobs with wages that allow individuals to support themselves and family are critical to the state’s and district’s economy. Access to affordable health care is a pressing concern for all.

These are the needs of Georgians, and especially of single women, people of color and Millennials. One would think politicians would be wise to actively address these needs by supporting policies like the Paycheck Fairness Act, or raising the minimum wage, or securing paid sick and family medical leave protections for women who are pregnant and often their family’s primary care giver.

Instead, Republicans in Congress have proposed health care, budget and tax plans that would have devastating impacts on everyone. Their plans would decimate public education and make it harder to pay back staggering student loans. Under the American Health Care Act, millions of Medicaid recipients – the majority of them women – would lose their coverage. The GOP plan would eliminate maternity and newborn care; zero out funding for all of Planned Parenthood services; and end protections for pre-existing conditions, meaning women could face discrimination for “conditions” such as pregnancy and Caesarean sections. The current budget proposal contains cuts to food stamps, job training, and other programs that would have a greater effect on single women who are more likely to receive lower wages or be […]    

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