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Wednesday’s Morning Email: Why Nearly 200 Congressional Democrats Are Suing Trump

By in Huffington Post on June 14, 2017

By Lauren Weber


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INSIDE THE LAWSUIT LED BY CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS AGAINST TRUMP “More than 190 Democratic lawmakers sued President Donald Trump in federal court on Wednesday, saying he had accepted funds from foreign governments through his businesses without congressional consent in violation of the U.S. Constitution.” [Reuters]AT LEAST 6 ARE DEAD AND OVER 50 INJURED IN LONDON APARTMENT FIRE The number of fatalities is expected to rise. The London fire commissioner said she had “never ever seen anything of this scale.” And residents described their terrifying escapes from the inferno. [HuffPost]BREAKING DOWN ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS’ TESTIMONY Howard Fineman dissects “team Trump’s Russia counteroffensive.” Here’s why Sessions didn’t want to talk about executive privilege, what he said about his knowledge of Russian meddling, his pushback on former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony, and his explanation for why he wasn’t “stonewalling.” And take a look at the best tweets and photos from the hearing. [HuffPost]TRAVIS KALANICK IS TAKING A LEAVE OF ABSENCE FROM LEADING UBER After months of scrutiny into Uber’s culture. And an Uber board member resigned after making a sexist joke at the company’s meeting to discuss sexism in the workplace. [HuffPost]TRUMP HAS GIVEN MATTIS AUTHORITY TO SET TROOP LEVELS IN AFGHANISTAN Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will have the authority to increase troop levels from the 8,400 currently stationed in Afghanistan. [Reuters]NORTH KOREA HAS RELEASED UVA STUDENT OTTO WARMBIER The college student had been held in North Korea […]    

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