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Valerie Jarrett, Tina Tchen Are Now Leading Women In The Resistance

By in Huffington Post on June 16, 2017

By Laura Bassett

NEW YORK― President Donald Trump is rolling back several of the hard-won women’s rights victories of the Obama administration. But two of former President Barack Obama’s top female advisers are organizing women across the country to fight back.

Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen, who spearheaded the White House Council on Women and Girls under Obama, are launching a program to harness the passion displayed at the historic Women’s March on Washington in January and turn it into grassroots political action. The Galvanize Program, a continuation of the United State of Women Summit that touted Obama’s achievements in 2016, will host mini-summits in six cities across the country to inspire women and help them to organize, run for office and fight for change.

“As President Obama said, once you leave the White House you still have the most important office of all, and that’s the office of citizen,” Jarrett told HuffPost in an interview Thursday. “I’ve been using the bully pulpit to continue to talk about the importance of gender equity. I worry deeply about the lives that are gonna be adversely affected by changes in policy.”

The program will focus on many aspects of gender equity, including reproductive rights, ending gender-based violence, equal pay and paid family leave. But Jarrett and Tchen are particularly concerned about the GOP push to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature health care law, which prevented insurance companies from charging women more just for being women. The law popularly known as Obamacare also required employers to cover the full range of preventative services for women ― such as contraception, well-woman visits and breast examinations― in their […]    

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