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Trump Gave Info To Russians CNN Was Asked Not To Report For Fear Of Losing Lives

By in Huffington Post on May 16, 2017

By Sebastian Murdock

When a CNN reporter was asked by Trump administration officials not to report the name of the city where intelligence had been collected on ISIS, the network agreed not to do it. President Donald Trump, though, slipped the details to Russian officials.

WH asked CNN not to report details Trump shared with Russians – @jaketapper reports #TheLead

— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) May 16, 2017

In March, CNN’s Evan Perez learned from intelligence officials that ISIS was developing explosives to be hidden in electronic devices and activated on international flights. Perez was asked not to reveal the city where the intelligence came from, because “it would, they insisted, get people killed,” CNN’s Jake Tapper said Tuesday. Perez did not include the name of the city in his story for the cable network.

But in a meeting with Russian officials last week, Trump revealed classified information to one of America’s greatest adversaries. Part of that information reportedly included naming the city where the ISIS intelligence came from.

“It’s the same city,” Tapper said in a scathing takedown. “It’s the same city that CNN was cautioned not to report.”

Among the chief concerns among Trump administration officials about Perez’s reporting was that sharing certain details would “tip off American adversaries about sources and methods used to gather the intelligence,” Tapper said. Along with Perez, CNN executives were told that sharing the location of the city “would get people killed.”

Trump admitted on Twitter, after The Washington Post broke the story Monday, that he shared intelligence information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. But he said it was his right to do so.

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