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Trump Finds It Harder To Recruit Talent As Scandals Pile Up

By in Huffington Post on May 16, 2017

By S.V. Dáte

WASHINGTON ― A White House in a “downward spiral,” as a key Republican senator called it, is making an already daunting task even harder: persuading qualified candidates to take important administration jobs.

Hundreds of key posts at the Department of Defense and the State Department remain unfilled heading into the fifth month of Donald Trump’s presidency because of his insistence on personally approving all top hires. And the hiring crunch started before the most recent stretch of controversy that began with Trump firing the FBI director while the bureau was investigating the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia and was followed by an Oval Office meeting last week with Russian officials during which Trump reportedly revealed highly classified information. Then Tuesday came the multiple reports that Trump had asked FBI Director James Comey to end his investigation of Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser.

Up to now, many experienced national security hands had been barred from serving in this administration because they opposed candidate Trump,” said Richard Haas, president of the nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations. “The danger now for the country is that many of these same people will opt to stay out because they oppose President Trump.”

The onslaught of unflattering revelations has even some Republican lawmakers calling for changes. Tennessee Republican and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker, a Trump ally, said Monday that the White House has to find a way to reverse this “downward spiral.”

In short order, Trump has sparked a drain brain from within the government ranks ― dissuading those inclined to serve from submitting their résumés and prompting those already in place to consider leaving.

One long-serving former FBI official told HuffPost that morale at the agency has cratered since Comey’s dismissal, with […]    

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