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The Looming Disaster Of Donald Trump’s Overseas Trip

By in Huffington Post on May 19, 2017

By Joe Cirincione

The Donald J. Trump Show is going on the road. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Maybe his first overseas adventure will be a diplomatic triumph. But this trip is filled with potential landmines. Even for a younger, fitter, more experienced president this nine-day visit to five nations (six, if you count Palestine) would be a grueling affair. For the 70-year old, exercise-challenged, foreign policy neophyte President Trump, all the warning lights are blinking red.

  • This is the president’s first trip outside the country, and it’s huge. Previous presidents have started off with easier trips to work out the kinks. President Barack Obama had a one-day trip to Canada; President George W. Bush’s first trip was a similar visit to Mexico.
  • Trump is meeting with hundreds of officials – beginning with an elaborate banquet with 50 Muslim leaders in his first stop in Saudi Arabia and ending with scores of officials at the G-7 Summit in Sicily.
  • Trump will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just a week after revelations that he betrayed Israeli intelligence agencies by slipping highly classified information to the Russians in his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. This visit alone has more potential traps and pitfalls than Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Trump has tried to back out of the trip. He reportedly asked his staff if he can cut back the trip to five days. You cannot, they told him.
  • Trump was supposed to have spent the last two weeks in tutorials with his staff who would help him understand the complexities of NATO, the European Union, Arab history and politics, and why the Western Wall matters. Most of these have been scrapped due to the mounting scandals swirling around the White House.
  • None of the National Security Council regional […]    

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