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Special Counsel Gets Praise From Both Sides Of The Aisle

By in Huffington Post on May 18, 2017

By Chris D’Angelo

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle widely embraced former FBI Director Robert Mueller as an excellent choice to serve as special counsel to oversee the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller to lead the probe late Wednesday, saying the “the public interest requires me to place this investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command.”

In a post on Twitter, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Mueller has “impeccable credentials” and “should be widely accepted.”

Mueller is a great selection. Impeccable credentials. Should be widely accepted.

— Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) May 17, 2017

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) ― who just last week dismissed the need for an independent investigation, telling Fox News “I don’t think that’s a good idea” ― suddenly had a change of tone. Responding to Wednesday’s news, Ryan said his “priority has been to ensure thorough and independent investigations are allowed to follow the facts wherever they may lead.”

Mueller’s appointment, Ryan added, is “consistent with that goal, and I welcome his role at the Department of Justice.”

My statement on the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel at the Department of Justice →

— Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) May 17, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who has also argued an independent probe is unwarranted, said Rosenstein’s decision “confirms that the investigation into Russian intervention into our election will continue.”


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