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Medicaid Is Getting Killed. Here’s What You Need to Know.

By in Huffington Post on June 14, 2017

By Meriah Nichols

We haven’t been hearing any updates about the new “health care” bill that is being written, and that is for good reason: the bill is being written in secret.

The rules are being changed behind the scenes and roadblocks removed. The plan is to put it all together in one big amendment and substitute it for the House version very quickly on June 26 and go straight to floor for vote. No further discussion allowed, no additional amendments.

Funding will wither away year by year, waitlists will grow even more, and people with disabilities will have less opportunities to contribute, be independent and healthy, and will have a lower quality of life.

But make no mistake about this ― Medicaid DOES NOT just serve those of us with disabilities! Even if you don’t have a disability, even if no one in your family or circle of friends has a disability, you are probably going to need Medicaid at some point in your life. Read this for more. So don’t just do this for us ― do it for your own future.

Why the proposed changes matter:

Medicaid is a federal-state partnership. With the changes that have been proposed (blocks, caps and complete eradication of some parts), the federal government is essentially pulling out of the partnership. The cost of programs, supports and health care will be placed fully on the states, which financially strapped states will not be able to meet.

What to do:

When the bill is finished, it’ll be sent to the Congressional Budget Office. It’ll take CBO about two weeks to evaluate and score a draft bill. Senate Republicans […]    

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