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Marco Rubio: No Big Deal Trump Doesn’t Believe Evidence Of Russian Interference

By in Huffington Post on June 18, 2017

By Marina Fang

WASHINGTON ― Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday defended President Donald Trump and his administration’s apparent lack of concern about Russia’s interference in last year’s election, saying the president “has a right to his opinion.”

Numerous U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed Russian meddling in the American electoral system, and Rubio made his comment on NBC’s “Meet the Press” even as he said he has seen the proof, as part of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe.

“As far as the general theme of Russia’s interference, look, the president has said he doesn’t believe it. I believe it. Not only do I believe it, I know it. Almost everybody else does. And ultimately, whether he believes it or not, the work’s going to move forward,” Rubio told host Chuck Todd.

Incredulous, Todd pressed Rubio for seeming to give the president a pass on the issue.

“Senator, think about what you just said. The president said he doesn’t believe it. You believe it, you’ve seen the evidence. How stunning is that to you, that the president of the United States disputes the evidence of 17 intelligence agencies in this country?”

“Well, again, ultimately, at the end of the day, he has a right to his opinion on these issues,” said Rubio, one of Trump’s opponents in the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

Multiple investigations are looking into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials, including a Department of Justice probe headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump has repeatedly dismissed the investigations and reports that he is one of the targets of the probes as “a witch hunt.”

Rubio took a different tack, saying on CBS’ […]    

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