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Journalists Lash Out As Georgia Campaigns Bar Media Right And Left

By in Huffington Post on June 20, 2017

By Mary S Papenfuss

The hotly contested special election for a Georgia congressional seat took on the added drama of a media war Monday as both campaigns reportedly barred news operations unfriendly to their cause.

The conservative Washington Free Beacon said its reporter was escorted out of a campaign event Monday night before Democrat Jon Ossoff was scheduled to speak on the eve of the election.

The @FreeBeacon has been told that it is not welcome at tonight’s @ossoff event

— Brent Scher (@BrentScher) June 20, 2017

And a reporter from liberal ThinkProgress said she was barred from events by Republican Karen Handel.

My day in summary:

Asked @karenhandel about unpopular health care bill.

Got blocked from Handel campaign events

— Kira Lerner (@kira_lerner) June 19, 2017

Journalists ripped the actions on Twitter.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called both actions cases of “bipartisan petulance and thin skin.”

Bipartisan petulance and thin skin

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) June 20, 2017

HuffPost’s senior politics editor Sam Stein responded to Scher’s tweet, calling the shutout “crap” and urging other journalists to object.

this is crap and outlets who aren’t on the blacklist should express their objections.

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) June 20, 2017

CNN justice reporter Evan Perez pointed out that the “ways of Washington” have already infected the campaign.

Candidate hasn’t even won election and is already adopting the ways of Washington nowadays.

— Evan Pérez (@evanperez) June 20, 2017

BuzzFeed’s Washington bureau chief, Kate Nocera, said both news outlets should be allowed to cover both candidates because members of Congress should be “able to handle questions they don’t like.” And […]    

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