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Jeff Sessions And The Rule Of Law

By in Huffington Post on June 13, 2017

By Wendy Weiser

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is publicly testifying today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, adding further drama to the investigation into the connection between Trump’s associates and Russia’s meddling into the 2016 elections.

Unfortunately, Sessions is arriving at the Capitol with a dark cloud hanging over his head. In his testimony last week, former FBI Director James Comey raised serious concerns about the propriety of the attorney general’s conduct related to the Russia investigation. The testimony raised serious questions as to whether the nation’s top law enforcement official is undermining the rule of law.

To start, Sessions said he recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference with our elections on March 2, and yet Trump cited Sessions’ recommendation when firing Comey, who was at the helm of the investigation. At the Department of Justice, Sessions reportedly discussed firing Comey for months while the inquiry was ongoing. This led Comey to ask aloud before Congress the question on everyone’s mind: “If — if, as the president said, I was fired because of the Russia investigation, why was the attorney general involved in that chain?” Why indeed?

And while Sessions jumped in when he should have stayed out, he also got out when he should have stayed in. One of the more chilling parts of Comey’s testimony was his description of a White House meeting where the president cleared the room to speak with Comey alone—the famous conversation in which the president said he “hoped” the FBI would drop the investigation against former Trump aide, Michael Flynn. Comey felt that Sessions sensed the inappropriateness of the request, lingering on his way out the Oval Office. But Comey was eventually left alone with Trump, and the president allegedly told him, “I hope you can let this go,” in reference […]    

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