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Here Are The Most Outrageously Offensive And False Things Alex Jones Has Said

By in Huffington Post on June 12, 2017

By Willa Frej

Far-right radio show host and Infowars founder Alex Jones advocates a range of preposterous and deplorable conspiracy theories. He doesn’t usually get airtime in the mainstream media.

But NBC News’ Megyn Kelly sat down with him and over the weekend she teased a portion of their conversation, set to be aired next Sunday. She explained the interview as an attempt to “shine a light” on a man whom President Donald Trump has praised but many others know little about.

Many who do know about Jones responded to the clip with fury, reminding Kelly of all the questionable things he’s said over the years.

Here’s a little refresher of just what Jones puts out there:

1. The Sandy Hook Shooting Was A Hoax To Promote Gun Control

“The whole thing was fake,” Jones has claimed. He’s accused the parents of the 20 students who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012 of being actors who pretended to mourn their children’s deaths.

“I looked at all the angles of Newtown. We didn’t even get any of the really important stuff,” he told Kelly.

These parents are angry at his claims, Kelly said.

“They don’t get angry about the half a million dead Iraqis from the sanctions,” he responded.

2. Clinton’s Campaign Team Ran A Sex Ring From A Pizza Parlor

A conspiracy theory claiming that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff was operating a child sex trafficking ring out of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., made […]    

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