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Gun Advocates Surprisingly Restrained In Initial Response To Congressional Shooting

By in Huffington Post on June 14, 2017

By Mike Weisser

For the very first time since he was inaugurated, Trump’s negatives in the Gallup tracking poll have hit 60 percent and positives are on the way to one-third. No president since Truman has hit such lousy numbers in such a brief period of time, and if there’s one thing that all politicians know how to read, it’s the numbers in the polls.

Not that Trump seems inclined to depart from his belligerent, showboating stance. His Twitter feed continues to be used as a combination ego-boosting vehicle and insult machine. This week’s cabinet meeting, which turned into a prayer service, was shameless pandering to what remains of his base, and his obsessive effort to promote alt-right media venues as “real news” just demonstrates how true media professionals can’t find anything substantive to report about him at all.

But his reaction and the reaction of other Republican stalwarts to the unfortunate shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and staff members during the warmup for a Congressional baseball game at a ballfield in Alexandria, VA, are also revealing. Details are still somewhat sketchy, but it appears that some guy opened fire with a rifle and discharged multiple rounds, resulting in five people, including Scalise, the shooter and two law enforcement officers, being transported to hospitals.

Scalise is the Majority Whip of the House, represents the 1st Congressional District in Louisiana and is considered a staunch conservative when it comes to voting and promoting issues on Capitol Hill. Not surprisingly, he refers to himself as a “strong” supporter of 2nd-Amendment “rights,” and in that regard submitted a bill in 2012 – HR58 – that […]    

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