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Elizabeth Warren Has A Real Plan To Drain The Swamp In Washington

By in Huffington Post on May 17, 2017

By Daniel Marans

WASHINGTON ― The discussion at the Center for American Progress’ “Ideas Conference” on Tuesday stuck mostly to the conventional Democratic script. But not Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Other lawmakers and policy experts gathered at Washington’s Four Seasons Hotel focused on defending the Barack Obama-era status quo against President Donald Trump’s onslaught, rather than on proposing ambitious new ideas.

Warren’s speech stood out, both for its unabashed populism and for its bold proposals for rooting out the influence of money in politics and breaking up the business monopolies.

In her scathing remarks, Warren portrayed a Washington compromised by the largesse of big corporations and the ultra-rich long before Trump came to power.

“Over the past few decades, money has fundamentally re-ordered Washington. Money slithers through Washington like a snake,” she said.

The former bankruptcy law professor and originator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau decried the “armies of lobbyists” that blanket the capital like a “plague of locusts” to shape legislation and the corporations that “bury public servants in an avalanche of nonsense” in their efforts to undermine regulations.

She made an equally impassioned case against the current president, arguing that Trump had brought Beltway sleaze to new heights ― and violated key campaign promises in the process.

“The president did not invent these problems but, boy, has he made them worse,” Warren said.

“The CEO of Exxon Mobil is now the secretary of state. Goldman Sachs has enough people in the White House to open up a new branch office,” she quipped, drawing laughs from the crowd. “Do you get the feeling that if Bernie Madoff weren’t in prison, that he’d be in charge of the […]    

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