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Don’t Shed A Tear For Mike Pence, Folks

By in Huffington Post on May 19, 2017

By Jason Linkins

With President Donald Trump having himself another very bad week, the media has turned a little bit of attention to Vice President Mike Pence, imagining how his place in the firmament might shift should Trump either be forced to beat a path out of town by extenuating circumstances, or if Trump finally realizes that “president of the United States” is not a fun, easy job that one can do on a lark, and quits. (For my money, the likelier option at this point.)

In recent days, Pence seems to have taken recent current events under advisement, working to widen the distance between himself and his boss. This raises an interesting question: Should he be allowed to do this?

Here are some data points worth noting! Donald Trump was well known to have been a vindictive campaigner, a virulent fearmonger, and a reputed con artist and liar well before Mike Pence decided to sign on as his vice president. The revelation that Trump was an avowed fan of sexual assault as a lifestyle choice preceded the election, and the formation of the presidential transition team that Pence headed up.

We should also, perhaps, remember what some of Pence’s esteemed Republican colleagues had to say about Donald Trump in the weeks before Pence hitched his wagon to the cartoon mogul. I seem to remember that during the Republican primary, Trump was referred to as “the chaos candidate,” a “con artist” with “no ideas of any substance,” and a “pathological liar.” He insulted Carly Fiorina’s appearance. He accused Ted Cruz’s father of being a part of the Kennedy assassination.

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