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Alexandria Shooting Exposes More Republican Hypocricy

By in Huffington Post on June 16, 2017

By Joseph A. Palermo

Within minutes of the lone-nut rampage shooting targeting Republican politicians in Alexandria, Virginia, right-wingers took to the airwaves to smear Democrats, Bernie Sanders, and “the Left” for bearing some responsibility for the violence because of their “hatred” of Republicans. Hearing the news that the alleged shooter had worked for his campaign, Senator Sanders stated categorically as he has done for years that there is no justification for violence of any kind.

But of course that didn’t stop Iowa Representative Steve King from blaming Obama for the shooting and Newt Gingrich on Fox News attributing the shooting to “vulgar Democrats.” Mark Steyn on the Tucker Carlson show accused “the Left” of “dehumanizing” political opponents. It’s astonishing how fast tough guys from the Right like Gingrich and Michael Savage quickly morphed into “snowflakes” whining about how “mean” progressives are.

White-hot hatred of Democrats, “Social Justice Warriors,” and all things “liberal” has been a kind of background radiation for the Republican party for decades. Lest we forget, the “Tea Party” rallies were just as nasty and hate-filled as any we’ve seen around Trump and they had the backing of groups like the Koch brothers’ “Americans for Prosperity,” which pumped it full of cash, provided buses, rally permits, and a sophisticated media apparatus.

Other than a hatred for Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, public school teachers, government employees, and Barack Hussein Obama, the Tea Party had little to offer as far as any “vision” for the future. While on the other side, call them “progressives,” all they ever talk about is their vision for the future and how much they care about society, the environment, animals, climate change, future generations, etc.

In the right-wing universe vegan […]    

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