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A Prime Minister Appeals To His Colleagues In The OAS; It’s ‘Off-Message’ For The Media

By in Huffington Post on May 19, 2017

By Mark Weisbrot

A letter from the prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island nation located in the Southern Caribbean, provides a stellar example of the wide gulf between the way the U.S. government and allied media present many issues of international importance, and the way they are seen in most of the world.

In the letter, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves appeals to fellow heads of state of the 14 CARICOM nations not to let the Organization of American States (OAS) be hijacked by Washington and used for purposes of “regime change” that violate the OAS charter.

Gonsalves describes the current situation in the OAS:

There are insidious developments at the Organisation of American States (OAS) that should trouble each of us. Among these developments is the introduction of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) ‘green room-type’ process by which a small group of powerful states in the Organisation are seeking to impose their will on the decisions of member states.

He notes further:

There is clearly a calculated strategy in place by a group of nations to achieve regime change in Venezuela by using the OAS as a weapon of destruction. Their language is cast in adherence to the principles of democracy, constitutionality and humanitarianism but behind the facade lies the sinister intent of toppling a duly­elected government that challenges their unbridled hegemony in this hemisphere.

This is the clearest, most honest and straightforward description of what any inside observer would see is going on at the OAS. But try to find anything like this expressed, even as an opinion, in the major US media.

In this hemisphere, the OAS has a long history of being manipulated for the purposes of getting rid of governments that Washington doesn’t like. In just the 21st century, this includes Haiti (2000–2004, and     

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