"He said, 'I am sorry if she felt she didn't get a fair hearing.' That's sort of an 'I'm sorry if you [...]
Donald Trump has not built a border wall with Mexico, slapped punitive trade barriers on China, revived [...]
As Thanksgiving rolls around this year marking the beginning of the holiday season, we are able to pause [...]
One former Census official said the White House's reported pick for a high-level Census post was mind-boggling. [...]
“I didn't realize it until some time later that when they said he liked young girls — I just thought [...]
I wrote a piece this week about the counter-intuitiveness of liberal women defending accused sexual-harasser [...]
The Justice Department cited a 2015 lawsuit alleging the university discriminates against Asian-American [...]
The U.S. is considering targeted sanctions against those responsible. [...]     [...]